can wait. / by Brittany Teel

"Look Mom, it's so beautiful!" -my son excitedly proclaims. Without even looking up to see what beauty he may have found, I continue to hurry and respond to an email and answer him back with a common response of "oh, that is so cool."

It's quiet. I realize that something isn't right. I look up and both of my sons are staring at each other when my 5 year old says, "mom, you didn't even look." I look further and in his small hand I see this beautiful, perfect leaf he discovered. This was a moment he was proud of and his mom was too consumed with work to share his exciting discovery. There have been far too many times I have done this. Moments that were so important to him and I let something else drown out the excitement that he wanted to share with me, his mother. A point at which I should have stepped inside his world and enjoyed the beauty he was enjoying. I have to stop this. I am wasting too many of these moments for nothing. I am not doing my number one job of making my child feel important. Because he is. They both are my reasons for living and why I work so hard. I want the best for them. But at the end of the day, what they need most is mom's full attention to enjoy this moment with him.

We are all guilty of it at one point. Since the very second you found out you were bringing another human life into this couldn't WAIT to see his or her face on the ultrasound. You couldn't WAIT to feel his or her first movements. The day they are born you couldn't WAIT to get them home and start your life together. Then, you push for that first roll over to their belly. You work and work on getting those first steps. You can't wait until they are eating solid foods. You tell your other friends and family how you cannot WAIT until they are out of diapers. How you can't stand another sleepless night from night terrors. You have steamrolled over every single important part of their life and hardly look back.

I am here to tell CAN wait. You can enjoy every little moment for what is it worth. The good, the bad and the ugly. Soak up every second of those long nights. Right now you need to stop yourself, put down the electronics and take a good mental picture of who they are right now. Examine every little part of your child’s tiny body. The next time they start a sentence with "Mommy or Daddy", remember how they say your name and play it in your head over and over. I want you to stop and really enjoy every moment you share with them. Stop rushing through important milestones and do not allow yourself to forget such precious seconds. Soon, they will be graduating grade school and no longer need your 3 AM hugs of comfort because of a scary dream. They will not accept those magical kisses to heal their bobo's. There are far too many times that we take our little humans for granted. We become too consumed with life, work and technology that we forget that these beautiful souls we created depend on our ability to love and enjoy them. Each hour with them is an hour you will not get back.

When you look back on your child's life will you hold regret in your heart? Or will you catch yourself looking at the face of your child as an adult knowing that you were present mentally and physically every day for this human and can vividly remember the moments you shared together? Today, I ask that you to vow to wait. I want you to join me on making a promise to our children to wait and be present for every moment of our short time here on earth.