Wrkich Family by Brittany Teel

The Wrkick Family is blessed with 2 beautiful sweet little girls. Jane, big sis, and Zuzu (her nickname, I won't even mention her real name because her nickname fits her perfectly.) They did so well for two little busy girls. I did pull out a old camera for them to take my picture as well so we could turn it into a picture fest. They seemed to enjoy it! My favorite part of the session was letting them run around and pick little yellow flowers. They could have done it for hours. I had such a blast and I think they did too. They even left me with a parting gift at the end of our session, I think they liked me!


Miranda, Ryan and Mason by Brittany Teel


I was very excited to do a session with my old high school friend that I used to ride the school bus with along with his beautiful girlfriend and their son. Their son was absolutely perfect and should be in the modeling industry. He had a smile on his face and was ready to pose for the camera. He made my job easy! 

My new friend and fellow photog, Megan by Brittany Teel

It started off with buying a few props and turned into a friendship. I knew as soon as I met Megan that we would be great friends. We both are photographers. It's very rare to find a fellow photog in the area that will allow you to be friends with them. So I was not only excited but honored when she asked me to shoot her maternity session. Well, the rest was history. Can't wait to meet this little blessing and be a part of the most magical gifts God blesses us with. Creating life. 


Family time with the Duncan's by Brittany Teel

I knew immediately when I met this family this session was going to be exciting! They were nothing but laughs and had a blast the whole time. 5 month old, Haiden, had a short nap and was ready to shine for the camera. As long as her family made monkey sounds while I clicked away she was more than happy to smile for the camera!! I am so glad I had the opportunity of working with this family! 


The Crum Sisters by Brittany Teel

I got to frolic around with these two blue eyed beauties! They are almost identical to my little boys on how they act with each other. Poor mama Crum was running around trying to make both of them happy at once and boy do I know that feeling. At the end of the day we were able to get in some good shots!